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Who we are

Appiliate connects the top property agencies in Malaysia together to sell the best property to our customers. You can find any type of property that you are looking for through Appiliate. Appiliate is seeking the opportunity to cooperate with all of the top agencies and create value to the buyers.

Appiliate has its own website to allow all of the partners access by one-click to a quick check on the payment update, view the latest trends of property projects at a single glance, co-broke in interested property by one-click and easy access to track their commission status. During this digital age, Appiliate has its own website aimed to double efficiency the workflow and reduce the workload especially on the admin part.

The most important part for a property agency including the property you sold to customers, the commission payout for your agents and the property you would like to co-broke with others. With the website of Appiliate, you can operate and manage these with just one click! You can get the latest update on the new launch project and send announcement to all of your agents through Appiliate. Furthermore, you can track your commission payout status by one-click through the website of Appiliate, there is no more asking and waiting on your commission payout status as you can found it through Appiliate!

Besides, there is a different kind of property projects in Appiliate. If you found your interested project in Appiliate, you may register for co-broke by one-click through Appiliate. Appiliate was double efficiency than others with a user-friendly layout. It’s also one of the best property agencies platforms in Malaysia.

Appiliate 6 most core Values

APPILIATE connect the top property agencies in Malaysia together to sell the best property to our customer.

Simple, Feature Rich with APPILIATE

With automation and optimised design, we've taken out all the hassle and track in real-time!

No waiting to see how your affiliate campaign is progressing. Log in at any time and view your sales and stats!

Opportunities for growth

Appiliate is a platform that has the potential to grow significantly, leading to a profit for each other.

Custom-made online system to connect each other

Every partnership in Appiliate could enjoy the privilege which is free to use the exclusive online tracking system.

Share knowledge and resources with each other

Sharing knowledge and resources increases the productivity of business. Work faster and get easier access to the internal resources and expertise within Appiliate.

Make the co-broke process more easierh

Partnership in Appiliate could connect with each other in more easier way and one-click to co-broke the property project with each other.

Access to new target market

Identify potential areas of expansion and help your business break into a new markets.

Create a different perception

Gather the different points of view, develop a shared business vision and a shared system of value defined by each other.

One of a kind agencies platform in Malaysia.

We've got your vertical covered and a dedicated team of account managers to help you.

Our platform gives you the flexibility and double efficiency!

Hendry Lee


“We have worked with APPILIATE and we are more than happy to continue this partnership. Their endless support and recommendations has helped us drive out affiliate strategies in the most efficient way.”

Jit Tan

CEO of Propleague +

“APPILIATE is a joy to work with! We found their technology reliable, easy to use and the interface is particularly user-friendly. It’s a real pleasure to work with such a personable and helpful team.”

Lighter Chee

CEO of Plextige Properties

“APPILIATE has the most user-centred interface of any affiliate network in Malaysia. The simplicity it offers in partnering with publishers, pulling insights and facilitating payments has saved us valuable time and money.”

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